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The Best Week of Your Life!

We are so excited you have chosen to join us at Saranac this summer! Please familiarize yourself with the important information on this page so that you will have the BEST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE at Saranac!


Parents, thank you for allowing your child to attend Asian Young Life camp! It is our hope that your child will have one of the best weeks of his or her life. Our Asian Young Life adult leaders and the Young Life camp staff are committed to providing your child a safe and memorable experience at camp.


We have prepared a Scoop Sheet/Packing List that provides important information about this trip. Please download the Scoop Sheet, print it out, and post it on your refrigerator so you may refer to it when necessary.


All participants MUST submit a health/consent form before they can attend Saranac. If you have not yet submitted your health/consent form, please download and follow the instructions based on the situation that applies to you.



If you are a freshman or any other person who has NEVER attended a summer Young Life camp, please click the "Freshman/First-Timer" button below to download the FIRST-TIMER instructions.​


Repeat Campers

If you attended a summer Young Life camp before, please click the "Repeat Camper" button below to download the REPEAT CAMPER instructions.



If you have never attended a summer Young Life camp but you have a brother or sister who attended a summer Young Life camp before, please click the "Sibling" button below to download the SIBLING instructions.



Young Life requires ALL participants to submit an immunization record as a requirement for attending Young Life camp. On your health form, if you or your parents said that you would bring your immunization record with you to camp, then we need you to upload a copy of that immunization record NOW before you board the bus so that you do not lose the form and to make sure that you, in fact, do have a copy of it.


If you do not have a copy of your immunization record yet, then please contact your family physician or your school nurse immediately to obtain a copy of it. When you have your immunization record, go to or click the button below.

If you arrive at camp without your immunization record, you will need to go to the camp office and call your parents and ask them to fax a copy of your immunization record to the camp so that you may participate in camp activities. 


If you already uploaded a copy of your immunization record when you submitted your health form, then this extra requirement does not apply to you.



We will be traveling to Saranac in two air-conditioned coach buses provided by Campbell Tours. We will meet at the following place and time:


PLACE: East Bergen Christian Church, 320 Beverly Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666


MEETING TIME: Monday morning, July 31, at 6:30 AM

The buses will return to the church on Saturday, August 5. The exact return time cannot be determined until that evening, but expect the buses to return around 8:30 PM. Your child will be instructed to call home to let you know a more precise time as we get closer to New Jersey.


Saranac temperatures can vary considerably during the summer, from daytime highs of 80º to evening lows of 40º. Campers should definitely bring a combination of summer and autumn clothes. Expect to wear a T-shirt and shorts or a swimsuit in the afternoon and a hoodie in the evening. Try your best to bring everything listed below.



  • hoodie/warm jacket/sweatshirt for cold evenings

  • TWO sets of old clothes AND one pair of old sneakers that can get dirty and that you don’t mind if you never wear again

  • one additional pair of good sneakers (mandatory for certain activities)

  • one nice outfit and shoes (for the dress-up dinner)

  • swimsuit

  • several pairs of shorts

  • several T-shirts

  • a lot of underwear

  • pajamas (or whatever you wear to sleep)

  • a lot of socks

  • flip flops/sandals/Crocs (for the beach)

  • if possible, bring a neon shirt or any clothing that is neon-colored


  • sunscreen (very important!)

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • soap/bodywash

  • shampoo

  • deodorant

  • contact lenses

  • contact lens case

  • contact lens solution

  • extra contact lenses

  • feminine products (for the girls only)

  • skincare and other toiletries


  • refillable water bottle (important for staying hydrated)

  • waterproof watch

  • eyeglasses

  • sunglasses

  • beach towel

  • hat (helpful in the sun)

  • plastic bag/laundry bag for dirty clothes

  • camera (and charger for camera)

  • money (about $30) for food on the ride up and back

  • $40 to $60 additional spending money for the snack bar and camp store (The camp store also accepts credit cards.)

  • if you take prescribed medicine, please remember to bring it

You do NOT have to bring a pillow, blanket, bed linens, or a sleeping bag. These will be provided for you at Saranac.​


We want this to be a healthy experience for everyone. All participants MUST take a COVID test on Saturday, July 29, and confirm that they do not have COVID or any other illnesses like the flu (A rapid test using a home kit is acceptable.).


Please upload a picture of your test results at on Saturday, July 29. If you do test positive for COVID, unfortunately you will not be permitted to attend Saranac. Call/TXT us at (201) 777-0-AYL if you test positive for COVID.



  • Cell phones are NOT permitted at camp, but they are permitted on the bus. We realize your parents may wish to contact you on your cell phone, but please understand that the camp is remotely isolated in the Adirondack Mountains of NY State, so as a result very few cell phones actually work at camp. All cell phones will be collected on arrival at Saranac and stored in the camp safe for the duration of the week. If your parents wish to contact you, they should call the camp office at (518) 891-3010 and leave a message for you. If you wish to call home, there are public telephones at camp which you may use for free.

  • Smart watches with cell service phone capabilities are NOT permitted at camp. If your watch can make or receive phone calls, you will not be permitted to use it at camp. Please leave it at home. But you should bring a waterproof watch so you know what time it is

  • Electronic accessories (like AirPods, iPad, Nintendo DS, PSP, etc.) are NOT permitted at camp, but they are permitted on the bus. There are no locks on cabin doors, so these things can be easily stolen, thus ruining what otherwise would have been a good week for you. If you do bring electronic items like these on the bus, they will be collected on arrival at Saranac and stored in the camp safe for the duration of the week. Of course, all items will be returned to you when we depart camp. Just be sure to mark your name on each electronic item.

  • Absolutely NO alcohol, e-cigarettes/juul, hookah, or illegal drugs are permitted. If you bring any such items to camp, we will notify your parents, and they may be asked to pick you up at camp and take you home immediately.


CAMP: Young Life’s Saranac Village, 4014 State Route 30, Saranac Lake, NY 12983

DATES: Monday, July 31, to Saturday, August 5, 2023

CAMP PHONE NUMBER: (518) 891-3010


The camp office is open everyday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you wish to speak with your son or daughter or to contact the camp for any reason, please call the camp phone number and speak with the receptionist. Your child is NOT allowed to use his or her cell phone at camp, so please do NOT call your child’s cell phone. There are public telephones at camp which your child may use for free to call you.


If you call the camp after hours, you will have the opportunity to leave a message on the office answering machine. In EMERGENCY situations, listen to the recorded announcement; the message will direct you to the phone number of the on-call person assigned to handle emergencies for that particular evening.


Be assured that student safety is our top priority and that we want your child to have the BEST week of his or her life... and a SAFE week.


Supervision at camp includes local adult teachers/leaders who already know your child and who go through camp with their teenage guests, overseeing and experiencing the same activities the students do.


Furthermore, there is a property staff of over 40 additional adult workers, including a camp physician and an EMT, who live on the camp premises. Certified lifeguards patrol the lake, and life jackets are provided and are MANDATORY for all campers who wish to swim or participate in lake activities. The overall ratio of adult supervision to teenagers is about 1:7. In addition, male and female housing is clearly defined, separated, and chaperoned.


Asian Young Life is a Christian nonprofit organization committed to making a difference in the lives of Asian American teenagers. As a Christian group, we desire to help teenagers learn about God, but we do so in a way that protects every child's right and ability to make his or her own decision regarding faith issues. All students are welcome regardless of what they believe. To learn more about our mission and beliefs, please visit our About AYL page.


Please visit the official Saranac Village website, where you can learn about the camp, the facilities, and the incredible surroundings. If you have any unanswered questions, please call/TXT our office at (201) 777-0-AYL.  



Get ready to have an AMAZING experience at Saranac! Camp activities include parasailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, water tubing, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, basketball, volleyball, billiards, ping pong, foos ball, arts and crafts, and MORE.


Visit our Saranac photo album in Facebook​ to see all of the things you will do!​​​ Better yet, check out the video below to see what we did at Saranac in 2019!

Days Until Saranac!

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