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In Asian Young Life, we love to take pictures! Pictures enable us to capture the significant moments of time when people are enjoying life the way we believe it was meant to be.

Most of our pictures can be found on our Asian Young Life Facebook page. Please note that you may need to login to Facebook to see some of these pictures. For convenience, we have organized our Facebook photo albums into categories below. If an album is listed but no link is provided, that means that particular collection of photos has not yet been uploaded to Facebook. We're working on it!

When you are finished looking at our pictures, perhaps you'll be ready for a good movie... or two or three... We have an excellent video collection too, so be sure to visit our Videos page also. Enjoy!



Our most recently posted photo albums are waiting for you...



For those of you who have been to Saranac in upstate New York, relive your memories of the best week of your life. For those of you have never been, take a look to see what you're missing...

  • Saranac 2019 - Chinatown (7/28/19 - 8/3/19)

  • Saranac 2019 - Adult Guests (7/28/19 - 8/3/19)

  • Saranac 2009 (8/9/09 - 8/15/09)

  • Saranac 2008 (8/10/08 - 8/16/08)

  • Saranac 2007 (8/12/07 - 8/18/07)

  • Saranac 2006 (8/13/06 - 8/19/06)

  • Saranac 2005 (8/14/05 - 8/20/05)

  • Saranac 2004 (8/15/04 - 8/21/04)

  • Saranac 2003 (8/10/03 - 8/16/03)​



At Capernaum camp, our AYL students get "comfortable being uncomfortable" by serving young people with disabilities in the hope of lavishing them with God's love and giving them the best week of their life. 



  • Winter Getaway 2020 at Lake Champion (2/14/20 - 2/16/20)

  • Winter Getaway 2019 at Lake Champion (2/15/19 - 2/17/19)

  • Winter Getaway 2011 at Lake Champion (2/21/11 - 2//22/11)


Each winter we take a busload of teenagers to our annual Winter Getaway at Lake Champion where we experience a winter wonderland of skiing, snowboarding, a giant swing, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, a hot tub in the snow, and a whole lot more.


  • Club 27 - Academy Awards Club (3/19/11)

  • Club 26 took place at the 2011 Winter Getaway (2/21/11 - 2/22/11)

  • Club 24 - Back to School Club (October 2011)

  • Club 15 - Class of 2008 Senior Club (5/3/08)

  • Club 14 - Chinese New Year Club (2/16/08)

  • Club 13 - Christmas Club (12/1/07)

  • Club 12 - Back to School Club (10/6/07)

  • Club 11 - Class of 2007 Senior Club (4/14/07) 

  • Club 10 - Academy Awards Club (2/24/07)

  • Club 9 - Christmas Club (12/9/06)

  • Club 8 - Back to School Club (10/14/06)

  • Club 7 - Class of 2006 Senior Club (5/13/06)

  • Club 6  (4/15/06)

  • Club 5  (2/4/06)

  • Club 4 - Christmas Club at AWCA Building in Teaneck (12/10/05)

  • Club 3 - Hawaiian Luau Club at Mary Wang's house in Norwood (6/27/05)

  • Club 2 at Kevin Lee's house in Closter (5/14/05)

  • Club 1 at Caleb King's house in Cresskill (4/16/05)​


Club is a night of "organized chaos" that brings Asian American teenagers together for fun and friendship. What do we do? We eat. We sing. We laugh. We listen. And we win! It's a time you're sure to remember, but just in case you did forget, we think these pictures will bring back great memories.


In Harvesters, we learn how to follow Jesus by meeting regularly to study the Bible, by encouraging one another, by serving the community, and by striving to live a transformed life. Here's a portion of some of the things we do in Harvesters (formerly known as "Campaigners").

_Don't let anyone look down on you becau


In Asian Young Life, we provide young people a chance to put Christian faith into action by organizing community service projects that make a difference not only in the lives of the people we serve, but also in the lives of the people who are doing the serving.  

  • 2015 Habitat for Humanity 5K (4/10/15)

  • PERC Homeless Shelter (3/12/15) 

  • Special Olympics (4/24/10)

  • Habitat for Humanity Building Project in Wallington (4/7/10)



Freshmen are very special participants in AYL, so every year we organize a "freshman frolic" in which our older students build relationships with the younger students by eating with them and having fun together. 

Harvesters Hangout, where we welcomed 29


We're all about being there for teenagers, especially during the milestones of their life. Graduation from high school is one of the big events in our students' lives, so we make it a point to support our friends and help them in this transition of life... and to take pictures too!



The fun doesn't stop when you graduate from high school. Our leaders and alumni get to experience Young Life hospitality at various leadership weekends, adult camps, family camps, and other specialty retreats.

  • College and Adult Camp 2008 (8/29/08 - 9/1/08)

  • College and Adult Camp 2007 (8/31/07 - 9/3/07)

  • College and Adult Camp 2006 (9/1/06 - 9/4/06)



We believe one of the best ways to witness the magnificence of God is to experience the "great outdoors." We regularly organize camping trips and other outdoor adventures so that young people can see and appreciate life from a new perspective.



Asian Young Life is not a church, but we love supporting local churches and other Christian groups in the area by attending their events and activities so that our young people can experience the larger "Body of Christ." 



AYL leaders spend a lot of time at school events supporting students simply by being there and cheering them on... and by taking pictures!

What a beautiful group of people! We hop


In AYL, we help high school students to think about their future by taking them to visit colleges and to explore student life on campus. In addition, we also enjoy visiting our alumni at various colleges to remind them that God still loves them... and so do we!

  • First-Ever Rutgers Young Life Club (4/23/15)



In Asian Young Life, we believe that life was meant to be lived abundantly, so we're always doing new adventures and enjoying life together. Here's a sampling of some of the many other activities that we do. 

  • Saranac Reunion 2018 (8/8/18)  

  • Alumni Homecoming 2017 (11/24/17)

Our AYL leader Michelle Cho helped some


We also have tons of pictures on Instagram. Follow us

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